Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Big Nine

Upcoming Events:

August 21st- Little Kids Carnival

August 29th- Sal's Pals Golf Outing

October 1st- 4th Annual Wine Opener

Where has the summer gone??? I reluctantly have been picking up school supplies here and there and the kids have been counting the amount of summer vacation they have left.One of the surest signs that summer is ending is FOOTBALL season beginning! This year Sal decided he wanted to play tackle football. To be honest I can't tell who's more excited Rick, my Dad or Sal. Sal's first practice was yesterday and both my Dad and Rick sat patiently on the sidelines for two hours in the 80 degree weather. Football must be some sort of right of passage for fathers and sons. One as a mother I could never understand. But to watch all three of their faces just gleaming from ear to ear you could feel just how excited they were. As I think back to those first few weeks after Sal was born I remember wondering if he would be too out of breath to run, or if he would be too sick to play sports or quite frankly after I saw all the medications and treatments that the older kids had to take I didn't know if he could fit it all in even if he was healthy. The uncertainty of cystic fibrosis those first few years was defiantly the hardest. It taught us patience and acceptance over things that we could not control. It also taught us to go above and beyond with the things we could control. Over the last nine years one thing I have learned to do is to live for today, learn from yesterday and dream for tomorrow. I have no idea who coined that phrase but it helps me to put everything into perspective.I am sure that Rick and my Dad have dreamed about Sal playing football since the day he was born that's why watching him yesterday in 80 degree weather was so worth it! Happy 9TH Birthday Sal!

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