Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bring the whole family
out for the Annual Kiddie Carnival
Saturday August 21 at 4pm!
Rain Date: Sun. Aug. 22 @2pm

As promised we will keep featuring a guest blogger...

Ahhh, intro to a blog………..I am Jeremy Reinhart for those who don’t me. I guess best description of my relationship to Sal’s Pals, is I met Rick when he and I were Sal’s age. For those wondering, yes Rick was alpha male at the age of eight (I know Sal just turned nine, but we met in 2nd grade). I transferred schools to Regina Coeli and he might as well of peed on my chair to let me know he was in charge. Luckily for our relationship, I was just looking to entertain and mix in some learning. Our relationship through all of life’s experiences and challenges is now 24 years old and as strong as I can remember it. Wow, maybe he and I should have a 25th anniversary party? When I spend time with Sal it is scary, because it is Rick, I want to take him outside and just school him in some four square for old times. Anyways, along with this history comes his wonderful wife and family. Jenny and I have always had a special relationship and a part of me thinks she has always considered me the most normal (and good looking) of our group of friends. Either way we have a ton of memories that go back further then most relationships.

OK, so Cystic Fibrosis…………never seen it coming. Never had any connection to it or knowledge of what it was until the day I found out Sal had it. It’s a part of my everyday life now. I find myself waiting for a meeting to start (at work, orange bracelets on) and explaining to people what it is, what it means to me. I am almost interviewed daily for a Sal’s Pals commercial. For them I just gave them some knowledge, what they don’t know is every time when I am done………I see Sal’s face, Rick, Mrs. P, all the family, the history and the fight that is left. I don’t say that as a burden, there is no cross. There is only one cross and Sal carries that with the courage I could only wish to have. My job is to take advantage of the opportunity to try and make a difference.

So let’s talk about that opportunity, I will never forgive myself if I didn’t give my sell for how we go about raising as much money as possible for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. It’s in your everyday life; we all work somewhere and have access to large corporation and their need to donate money. When you carry your passion to fight with you daily, people notice, they are intrigued, they want to help. There is not a person in the world that is not contagious to positive energy (look I am not a Zen master, there is no yoga); it’s a fact and is the same for negative energy. Look, I am not saying read this, go to work tomorrow and start selling it…..not at all. It has to be built and if it is a part of you and something you truly have passion for, it will come up. There is no, how to or step by step approach. I would just look into your heart and your situation. Truly understand if you want to make a difference and if your situation maybe an opportunity to help the fight. If you look at Sal’s Pals financial statements year over year, there is no doubt you will see that our growth and ability to truly make a larger impact is through the corporate sponsorship of the people that are involved. Lord knows we can’t have anymore expansion, black tie, different dinner,{insert idea here}………meetings, YIKES!

DEEEEEEEEEEEEEP BREATH, here’s the good news! Your not alone, you have some of the most passionate people in the world waiting, you get them there once, just once and I promise you, they will get it, they will feel it, they will understand why you are so passionate and join our fight.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

MOVIE 2010- Final Cut.m4v

This was the video that we made for the 2010 Dinner. You will need to turn off the Blog music down on the right side of your screen so that you can hear the video. Enjoy!

The Big Nine

Upcoming Events:

August 21st- Little Kids Carnival

August 29th- Sal's Pals Golf Outing

October 1st- 4th Annual Wine Opener

Where has the summer gone??? I reluctantly have been picking up school supplies here and there and the kids have been counting the amount of summer vacation they have left.One of the surest signs that summer is ending is FOOTBALL season beginning! This year Sal decided he wanted to play tackle football. To be honest I can't tell who's more excited Rick, my Dad or Sal. Sal's first practice was yesterday and both my Dad and Rick sat patiently on the sidelines for two hours in the 80 degree weather. Football must be some sort of right of passage for fathers and sons. One as a mother I could never understand. But to watch all three of their faces just gleaming from ear to ear you could feel just how excited they were. As I think back to those first few weeks after Sal was born I remember wondering if he would be too out of breath to run, or if he would be too sick to play sports or quite frankly after I saw all the medications and treatments that the older kids had to take I didn't know if he could fit it all in even if he was healthy. The uncertainty of cystic fibrosis those first few years was defiantly the hardest. It taught us patience and acceptance over things that we could not control. It also taught us to go above and beyond with the things we could control. Over the last nine years one thing I have learned to do is to live for today, learn from yesterday and dream for tomorrow. I have no idea who coined that phrase but it helps me to put everything into perspective.I am sure that Rick and my Dad have dreamed about Sal playing football since the day he was born that's why watching him yesterday in 80 degree weather was so worth it! Happy 9TH Birthday Sal!