Friday, September 5, 2014

Uncool, know nothing and old!

Well Rick and I are officially uncool; know nothing and aged at 37 and 38 years old! Yep, that’s right Sal is a teenager! This month Sal turned thirteen. At five foot six and one-hundred twenty-two pounds you would never know Sal has cystic fibrosis. Every six weeks when Sal has his CF appointment his favorite part of his visit is the weigh in. I, on the other hand would rather do a dance over hot coals before I would step on a scale even in front of a clinician! I guess maybe that’s why I’m old, as Sal would put it. One thing I’m slowly learning is that Sal is growing up. I remember once when Sal was 4 years old. I had worked night shift and was beyond exhausted. There Sal sat at the table for breakfast with all of his pills organized out in front of him as he patiently waited for his breakfast. Giana, in her highchair could not wait so patiently. As I sat there trying to feed her cereal and make Sal’s eggs. Giana made a face she had never made before. Usually I could not shovel her breakfast in fast enough but not this time. With each bite she acted as if she had no idea how to eat from a spoon. I started to get a little frustrated with her until Sal so matter of factly pointed out, “Momma does Giana take pills like me now? …And Momma your burning my eggs.” Sure enough, with each bite I was trying to sprinkle Giana’s cereal with pancreatic enzymes. No worries, I am pretty sure she spit them all back out at me. At this point I realized I was not Super Mom and I needed a little help. So Grandma Ginny to the rescue! From then on, my wonderful mother- in- law was always there when I got off of work so I could sleep. I have always told my husband and my children that if anything would ever happen to me I don’t want them to be naked and starving in the corner! So they need to be able to pick up after themselves do the laundry and cook something if need be. For Sal it has always been a little different because he has added responsibility with his medications and aerosol treatments. With each meal I ask him, “Sal did you”…and before I can even finish the sentence he replies, “Yes Mom, I already took my pills”. Force of habit I guess on my part but I can see he wants to be so grown up. Just like he views Rick and I as old, I can’t help but remember him sitting at that kitchen table with his pills all laid out. Rick and I have tried so hard to make sure he is independent now we just need to trust that he will do the right thing. Tonight I picked Sal up from a junior high dance. As soon as he got in the car I asked him how it went. Then very slightly I asked, “So did you slow dance with any girls?” Quickly Sal responded, “Heck NO! Sister Cloreen was there with her flashlight and if anyone was dancing to close she told them to leave room for Jesus!” I cracked up laughing all the way home! I think on Monday I will call the school and thank her for the gentle reminder! After all...isn’t that what old people do!