Friday, May 4, 2012

65 Red Roses

So, I'm not gonna lie. I've been up till 2 am everyday for the last couple of weeks. Between work, the event and day to day family stuff I've been beyond busy. To top it off I've have less than 36 hours to make it all happen before I board a plane and not to return until 48 hours before the biggest day of the year. As I sat and looked at my list getting bigger instead of smaller, (this is where the not lying part comes into effect)I felt for a brief few hours some mild anxiety... aka chest pain relieved with wine not nitro. As a reward to myself I thought that I would switch up the order and start from the bottom. On the bottom of my list read, "Watch cf documentary". The documentary was about a 23 year old Canadian girl who had cf. In 2010 I had watched Eva blog from her bedside as she waited for her 2nd double lung transplant. In watching her daily blog you could see how fast she was being overcome by cf but her spirit continued to fight. As the days went on it became extremely difficult for me to watch because I knew how it was going to end. Then one day one of my sisters called and shared the news that Eva had passed away. About a month ago that same sister got a phone call from a producer to see if she wanted to be a part of distributing Eva's movie. The producer was trying to get private viewings in the United States and started by contacting followers of the blog. Oprah Winfrey, decided to debut the movie on her new Own Network and it aired in the US tonight. So list in one hand and wine in the other I decided to be a rebel and check off my list from the bottom. The documentary takes you through Eva's journey as she waits for a lung transplant. As I began to view the first couple of minutes it was a quick reality check. I’m so inundated with my life around me that I forgot that, I can breathe easy. I don't cough when I take a deep breath and I don’t swallow 40 pills a day. Eva reminded me that life is not about the small stuff. At the end of the day we are left with family, friends and our health. I am fortunate to have all three. Somehow after watching the movie staying up past 2 am doesn't seem so bad. Thanks Eva for my reality check! See you all next week as we continue in our tenth year of fighting cystic fibrosis. Until there's a cure, Jenny