Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Casino Trip to Greek Town is planned for Saturday March 12, 2011. Seats are limited call us for details!

Well, according to Punxsutawney Phil winter is almost over! Which means that the Annual Dinner and Auction is just around the corner. Mark your calenders for Saturday May 14Th!

Dedicated family and friends continue to come together throughout the year to volunteer, organize and participate in our events. Being working parents of 3 busy children is exhausting in itself. Trying to add more time for charity work, most days feels impossible. And in all honesty if Rick and I didn't have these dedicated individuals to motivate and inspire us I know that Sal's Pals would not be as successful as it is today. Sal continues to serve as a constant reminder for Rick and I about why it's so important to raise money and bring awareness for Cystic Fibrosis. Often times I forget that Sal has a disease because he IS doing so well. Then I have to remind myself how that came to be.Sal takes over 32 pills a day...and he is healthy. The life expectancy for CF continues to rise, 37 years to be exact. It has risen 10 years in Sal's lifetime! The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation continues to build it's pipeline for new medications that are aimed at treating cf, managing symptoms and ultimately eradication it all together.I know that Sal does so well because of the medications and treatments that are available for him. Rick and I want to ensure that dollar by dollar, event by event that the medication pipeline is able to develop the necessary medications to keep Sal healthy!

It is easy for one to understand Rick and I's passion for fighting cf but Iam always amazed at the dedication and time our friends and family put forth. So I asked one of our friends to share with all of you, why he has joined in our fight.Kris is a teacher at Sal's school but was a friend long before Sal was a student.

Dear Sal,

Energetic. Enthusiastic. Spirited. These are all qualities of an average 10 year old. Sure you share these qualities, but you are far from "average.” I’m sure anyone that has met you would agree.

From your contagious giggle and smile to your cockiness (of which, I’m sure you got from your father); your ability to exaggerate slightly to your strut in the hallway (of which, you definitely got from your father). But, most importantly, it’s your huge heart that sets you apart from your peers.

Before I met you, I didn’t know anyone that had Cystic Fibrosis or even had a clue what CF is. I would imagine that the hundreds of people that attend the dinner, wine opening, or golf scramble didn’t know what CF was either before they met you. In fact, I don’t think the majority of the people go to those events to fight CF. The majority attend each event because they, like me, have fallen in love with you. And it’s because you have CF that we fight.

Next year, when you’re in the 5th grade, I'll have the pleasure to teach you - but little do you know that you’ve already taught me far more than I can ever teach you. You’ve taught me how to give; taught me how to live; and taught me how to be a better person. And for that….I thank you!

With much love,